WishList - 7 INCH
WishList - 7 INCH
WishList - 7 INCH

WishList - 7 INCH

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 😇 Giving that I'm an ANGEL, Promise Kinda VIBE 😇

To celebrate Hellas 1st Birthday, we are celebrating with releases alllll month long! In this second drop we are launching more Glitter Boots - Introducing WISHLIST ✨

Girl (and boiiiis) these are perfect for working the club, you're going to be the sparkliest little angel who cannot do no wrong and absolutely descended from Heaven  👀 💸

White Sparkles dominate for that heavenly look, with baby pinks and blues too. This how we peacock.

Perfect for club use, photoshoots and just feelin' fancy.

✨Designed by Dancers
✨1st Birthday Collection Release

Glitter does shed with floorwork use, if you insist and don't mind them getting a bit beaten opt for some clear shoe protectors.

Don't worry, we've tested light floorwork on tiled floor and it doesn't really look obvious on the shoe itself but if you're precious, these are the shoes to look after more.

If you think the pics are fly, you should see them in real life (or next best thing check the videos on Insta)!

Also Available in 8" Platforms.


WishList - 7 INCH